Integrated Companies and Reporting Entities





Successful business people and families often build assets and business operations, and they have or need multiple entities and legal structures to house and protect these assets and their futures. This may include corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and trusts, and each of these have a variety of ways in which they can be formed, managed and taxed. We often offer advice on how such entities could be used. When they are used well, they can offer much peace of mind and security, and a great deal of assistance in a person’s financial and estate planning. But these entities must be properly maintained and reported, and Byrne | Zizzi is focused on providing this integrated tax and financial reporting. Unfortunately, we have found such reporting to be handled poorly in too many cases, undermining the hard work that goes into this careful planning. You need a CPA firm that will sustain your personal success by maintaining your business and estate planning with proper reporting.