Business Entity Selection

Business entity selection is a legal determination that will which legal and tax structures a business will operate under.

Business Succession Planning

Succession Planning helps a business identify and develop existing employees who have the potential to fill leadership positions.

Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and Selling a Business can be a stressful and meticulous process. The Byrne | Zizzi team is equipped to advise you through the process with efficiency and ease.

Management Advisory Feedback

Management Advisory Feedback provides businesses with expert advice on an entity’s organization, personnel, finances, operations, systems and other business activities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involves strategizing the purchase of and/or joining with other businesses. A merger usually involves two businesses joining together to establish a new business, typically with a new name.

Budget Creation

Budget Creation is an essential part of business planning. The creation of a well-planned budget can alleviate potential pitfalls of poor planning.

Cash & Working Capital Management

Cash/Working Capital Management is a strategy that helps maintain efficient levels of current assets and liabilities.

Accelerated Depreciation for Real Estate

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation involves identifying a business’s assets and costs, then classifying those assets for federal tax purposes.

Profitability Consulting

Profitability Consulting can help a business determine its ability to earn a profit. It also helps to evaluate what potential profit will be left of the revenue after all expenses have been paid.

Overhead Analysis

An Overhead Analysis gives a business insight into all ongoing expenses regarding direct labor, materials or third-party expenses billed directly to customers.

Dental Healthcare Practice Professionals

Byrne | Zizzi’s staff has experience working with dental professionals to protect and grow their practices financially.

Other Healthcare Practice Professionals

Byrne | Zizzi’s experienced staff lends its focused attention and experience to help healthcare professionals manage the financial aspects of their practices.

Integrated Companies and Reporting Entities

Successful business people and families often build assets and business operations, and they have or need multiple entities and legal structures to house and protect…