Business Planning

Business planning consists of establishing clear goals, how they are attainable and the plans to reach them. A team overview may also be included.

Buy/Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement legally binds co-owners of a business that will direct any situation involving a co-owner dying, forced to leave the business or chooses to leave.

Charitable Contributions of Closely Held Stock

Divorce & Marital Dissolution

Divorce involves “fault grounds” or one partner alleging the other has been at fault under a statutory ground. In a marital dissolution, fault grounds are not an issue. Dissolution does not require filing a petition until the parties agreed on all issues that must be addressed in a divorce matter.

Economic Market Studies

Financial and Feasibility Studies

Financial and Feasibility Studies allow a business to estimate if a project is feasible given the profit projections and total cost.

Gift and Estate Planning

Gift Planning allows philanthropists or donors to make large contributions to organizations without minimizing the gift’s impact. Estate Planning is preparing the allocation of a person’s wealth and assets after death.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During a merger, two different entities consolidate and become a new business. An acquisition involves one business taking over another.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder Disputes can occur when one or more shareholders want to end the shareholder relationship, a disagreement regarding the actions take by a majority shareholders or a minority shareholder alleging actions taken by controlling shareholder have been fradulent, illegal or oppressive.