Computerized Payroll Services

Computerized Payroll Services is a system that automatically calculates and produces printed paychecks for a business’s employees.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of payment from a business to its employees.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing involves the recording of the amount of time an employee has worked over a pay period, calculation of pay and the disbursement of payment after necessary adjustments.

New Hire Reporting

New Hire Reporting is an essential business function that involves reporting information of a new hire to the designated state agency.

Payroll Tax Reporting

The Byrne Zizzi staff will handle all necessary tax reporting on payroll, including Form 941, state and unemployment reporting.

1099 Preparation

1099 Preparation is an essential tax filing for any business reporting all non-employee compensation.

W-2 Preparation

The IRS requires all employers to report wage and salary information for their employees through a W-2 form. Preparation of tax forms is tedious and time-consuming.

401(k) Calculations and Submissions

401(k) Calculations and Submissions depend upon the plan a business has set up. A percentage of an employee’s paycheck can be contributed to a 401(k). This amount is usually taken before or after tax, depending on the employer’s plan.

Bonus Calculations

A business can award bonuses to employees as additional compensation to their set wage or salary.

Workers’ Compensation Audit

Workers’ Compensation Audits are used by insurance companies to determine how much to charge a business in premiums.

Affordable Care Act Annual Insurance Reporting

The Affordable Care Act requires all entities that provide minimum essential coverage to individuals to file an Annual Report.